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The Sales Success Profile® measures selling skills, not personality. Selling skills are trainable, however, it is important to know what level of skills you already have and what areas you need to learn to become more skilled. View a sample feedback report below.

The Sales Success Profile® is a 50 question multiple-choice sales skills test that measures 13 critical skills.  The test is available in an online-response format sent by e-mail. 

Test respondents are compared to over 300,000 other salespeople. The test report provides a graphic analysis, a narrative report on each skill area and recommended individualized training tips, so productivity, skills and profitability are improved.

The Sales Success Profile® took over 5 years to develop and validate. The Sales Success Profile® is used by thousands of companies in United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Now you have the opportunity to use this profile yourself and obtain the knowledge that many leading industries are using.

Attention Sales Managers, Owners and Salespeople! Here are three of the primary uses of the Sales Success Profile®:

Hire Salespeople that Know How to Close
They seem nice enough, but, can they sell? Will they get out and prospect for new customers? Will they manage their time productively? Do they know how to close? Will they close aggressively? Are they burned out? Can they handle rejection? With the Sales Success ProfileŽ you get the answers, and more, before a costly hiring mistake is made.

Help Salespeople Out of Selling Slumps
Nothing could be worse! Your top salesperson is in a slump, and you want to help. You have no idea what the problem is. Most of the time, your salesperson does not have a clue either. Where do you start? What questions do you ask? Do you threaten or issue ultimatums? Do you encourage? Do you train?

The Sales Success ProfileŽ gives you practical, precise information that pinpoints the cause of a sales slump. The profile gives you the power to pull a salesperson out of a slump and cure an ailing sales career.

Give Dynamic, Focused Training Sessions
The Sales Success ProfileŽ helps you identify those sales skill areas that indicate an opportunity for growth. For example, the profile may show that a majority of your sales team needs help in Prospecting and Cold Calling. You can now target your next sales training meeting to focus on this specific skill. The Sales Success ProfileŽ gives you the power to lead your sales team to produce measurable results.

The Sales Success Profile® rates each respondent in these thirteen skill areas :

Approach & Involvement: Can you personally approach and involve a prospect in a positive manner? Are you alienating the prospect before you have a chance to present the product or service? Are you being too aggressive, or are you a non-aggressive person?

Overcoming Objections: Can you answer the prospects questions in a knowledgeable manner? Do you have the skill to help prospects rationalize a purchase?

Being Able to Close: This is essential for profitability. Can you successfully approach and involve the customer and overcome objections? The ability to Close the Sales can have a positive impact on your bottom line profits and ultimate success.

Ethics: Can you conduct a sale in a reputable and truthful manner? Deceit and unethical conduct will be detrimental to promoting a business relationship that involves long term repeat customers.

Polite & Courteous: Do you use the commonly accepted social conventions when dealing with prospects?

Friendly & Warm: Are you perceived as being sensitive to the need of the buyer with genuine concern that the product or service will be of significant benefit?

Handling Problems: Do you have the ability to handle customer problems as well as problem customers?

Qualify Buyers: Do you have the ability to determine the needs of the prospects?

Prospecting & Cold Calls: Do you have the ability, skill and tenacity to generate prospective clients?

Presentations: Do you have the ability to give productive product demonstrations and effective presentations?

Time Management: Do you have the ability to structure time in an effective and productive manner?

Telephone Technique: Do you have the ability to use the phone in a polite and productive manner?

Call Enthusiasm: Do you have the motivation level and willingness to meet with prospects and present your product or service? Do you suffer from periods of de-motivation?

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